Products at Salon 71 Denver

At Salon 71 we offer a variety of products tried and tested by our team.  These include Arrojo, Seven, Elite therapeutics and Tigi cosmetics.


Elite Therapeutics is a Denver skincare company dedicated to delivering true and visible results. Founded by Denver oncology doctor Dr. Kevin Schewe, the company operates on the philosophy that outer beauty is the reflection of inner health. With this in mind, each product in our clinically proven skin and body care line blends cutting-edge science and active naturals designed to nurture the skin at every level—from cellular to surface. From basic daily hydration and nourishment to advanced anti-aging skincare to powerful clinical relief for cancer patients, Elite Therapeutics is dedicated to helping its diverse customer base achieve healthy, radiant skin. Learn more.


Arrojo  products are developed and tested on the ARROJO salon floor by ARROJO master stylists. If it doesn’t match our standards, it doesn't go on the shelf. We avoid overly complicated names and flavor of the month marketing schemes in favor of products that work for hairdressers and their clients. Learn more.